Road Trip Story is a free online travel video series about North America's historic, cultural and natural places. It was created and produced by James Romeo and Joseph Caylor. Each video allows you to share in the experience as you join us in exploring and discovering the stories that make each place unique. We hope you will be inspired to plan your own road trip to great places near you, either by yourself or with your friends and family. It is not expensive and many places near you can be experienced in a day or a weekend. Road Trip Story allows you to discover places you may not have known, helping you to better plan your next road trip and providing an opportunity to share your experience with others.


Joseph and James dressed in civil war costumes

James and Joseph

At the heart of Road Trip Story are two friends, both artists, with a passion to inspire others. James and Joseph met while they were attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in Joseph's home State of Georgia. With common interests in art, film, history and travel, they soon became friends. In the past, both had independently enjoyed visiting cultural places, parks and historic sites. James had once taken a trip across most of his home country of Canada, from Toronto to Vancouver, along the Trans-Canada Highway. He moved to Georgia to pursue an education in film and digital media. In 2008, Joseph set a goal to visit all 63 State Parks in Georgia and by the end of the year, he had accomplished this endeavor. He invited James on quite a few of those trips and together, they set about discovering more of the beauty and history of Georgia with each trip. After visiting all 63 Georgia State Parks, Joseph began planning trips to neighboring states.

How it began

Throughout 2008 and 2009 they each traveled as much as possible, always expressing a passion to share their great experiences with others. Thus, was the birth of Road Trip Story. There are beautiful places around us all, so breathtaking to behold, that it energizes an innate desire to share it with the people around us. Walking on the grounds of historic places, learning about the people who walked there before us, connects us to the past in a way that touches the soul. To imagine the way of life in times before us, the stories of the challenges they faced, their times of victory and loss, can help us to see our own lives in a new way.
In the early months of 2010, James and Joseph began filming their travels and developing the look of Road Trip Story. The name honors the tradition of oral storytelling and the freedom of travel offered by the automobile and National Highway System.

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