December 6, 1947 - Everglades National Park dedicated by President Harry S. Truman


Photo of Everglades National Park, Florida City, Florida


James Romeo… The Everglades is alive with an abundance of life. I was thoroughly impressed. You get the best sense of the grand scale of the wetlands from the air. Fortunately, my flight into Ft. Lauderdale provided a great view and I couldn't wait to get on the ground to explore it. The experience was more of an adventure than I had expected. I saw a couple manatees, plenty of birds, a mother alligator with her babies, a large snake, a curious owl, a lot of insects and a large spider who had built it's web high across a section of road. Unfortunately, I drove through the lower portion of his web but he wasn't too angry about it. The boardwalks are well maintained and easy on the legs. Wear plenty of bug spray and sunscreen.