October 23, 1972 - Cumberland Island National Seashore established


Photo of Cumberland Island National Seashore, Saint Marys, Georgia
Photo of Cumberland Island National Seashore, Saint Marys, Georgia


Joseph Caylor… I've been to 2 other national seashores (Canaveral and Gulf Islands) and I've yet to find a more pristine, beautiful coastal area in the Southeast. After my 4th trip down there, I can safely say I know my way a bit around the island, but it won't stop me from going year after year. There's always something new to see. Cumberland Island can only be reached by boat or kayak, which makes it even more special. You won't find gift shops here, but you will find wild horses, mansions from a by-gone era, and a sense of timelessness when you are underneath a canopy of live oaks draped in Spanish Moss.
James Romeo… I absolutely love Cumberland Island. I've been there twice and will certainly visit again. For me, the highlight of the island is the beach. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural beach along the ocean without a highrise hotel, condo or resort in sight. It is the beach the way it was meant to be. If you go swimming, be sure to bring sunblock. I learned that lesson the hard way. There are wild horses on the island; absolutely beautiful animals. The interior of the island is well worth exploring, and quite large. You will have to camp a few days to have the time to see half of it. Even for a day trip, bring enough snacks, a lunch, and water. Also bring insect repellent for mosquitos and ticks and don't forget to apply it to your boots and lower legs. While shooting the cumberland island episode, we rented bicycles and were able to make it to the Plum Orchard mansion and back in time for the afternoon ferry.