Joseph Caylor… What may even surprise most Georgians is that the first large gold rush in the United States wasn't in California in 1849, but twenty years before, near and around the small town of Dahlonega, Georgia. Dahlonega's place in American history was secured when not only a gold rush started here, but a U.S. Mint was active until the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War in 1861. The old courthouse, now a museum, has great interpretative information... and lots of gold to show! There are rare gold coins and a large nugget waiting for you to view it when you visit. I highly recommend to stop by this museum for a fascinating time of our nation's history when you are ever in Dahlonega. If you can't make it inside, the outside bricks of the museum are molded from clay on Cane Creek (one mile from Dahlonega) and the mud mortar between them have revealed traces of gold!