Photo of Fort Mountain State Park, Chatsworth, Georgia
Photo of Fort Mountain State Park, Chatsworth, Georgia


Joseph Caylor… Simply put, this is one of Georgia's best state parks. At well over 3,000 acres, Fort Mountain has history, mountain views, and adventure to those who venture to explore it. The park was named after a mysterious ancient Native American wall on Fort Mountain believed to be anywhere from 500 to 2,000 years old! A few spots are still standing, but it is mainly in ruins. No one knows why or how it was built, but to me the mystery makes it all more appealing. At the summit of Fort Mountain, there is a short trail that leads to one of my all-time favorite mountain vista views. It almost juts out, and if you stand on the corner near the edge, you feel as though you are almost hovering in air over this breath-taking spot. While you can camp, go horseback riding, and even swim at the big lakeside beach, I recommend for any first timer to visit the summit at the start of their trip and be in awe of how special this place truly is.