Joseph Caylor… To learn the real history of the southeastern United States, it all starts from the people who inhabited the land first. New Echota Historic Site is a very poignant reminder of the legacy the Cherokee Indians have in our country. New Echota was the capital and working town that the Cherokees strove to maintain, even though their land was being taken away from them by the U.S. government and white gold seekers. Although New Echota was only the capital of the Cherokees from 1825-1838, up to the Trail of Tears, the historic site shows how important this place is to all Americans. The tragic story of their forced exodus really is told very well at New Echota. If you are ever in North Georgia driving on Interstate 75, I highly recommend you visit this very important historic spot. It's right off the interstate and contains lots of original and reconstructed buildings and information that tell the story of not just one of the most important Cherokee, but American places.