James James Romeo… Providence Canyon is one of my favorite places in Georgia. Exploring its natural beauty will capture the imagination and lift the spirit. I highly recommend visiting it, especially if you live in Georgia, Alabama, or north Florida, where it can be made a day trip. Be sure to bring snacks and water, especially in the hot and humid summer months. For Georgia Canyon Climbers Club members, if the Visitor's Center is closed, you can get your card punched at Florence Marina, about 10 miles down the road.
Joseph Joseph Caylor… Situated in southwest Georgia, this canyon is really a surprise when you first see it. Although you may think you are in the southwestern United States, this place is listed as one of the seven natural wonders of Georgia. I've been to many parks and great sites throughout this country and I'm always still amazed each time I go to Providence Canyon. Its story of how it was made, the colors on the canyon walls, and the sense of how small you are when you are there make it one of the best natural places to visit in Georgia.