November 12, 1996 - Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve established


Photo of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Strong City, Kansas
Photo of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Strong City, Kansas


James Romeo… Photographs nor video can capture the vast expanse of natural beauty that is experienced at Tallgrass Prairie. When I walked up to the first overlook, I could see miles of open land, buffalo in the distance, and I was absolutely struck by awe. I felt a strong connection with history. This was what the pioneers and homesteaders would have seen, standing on this ground on their journey west. It was a true American feeling of limitless opportunity and privilege. Everybody needs to experience this at least once in their life.
Joseph Caylor… Being from Georgia, I was definitely taken back by this amazing place. It's more than just the last remaining places of tallgrass prairie in our country, but it's a place of expanse. It's not mountainous, or near any large body of water, it's just gorgeous rolling hills that make this park so special. The park was a cattle ranch in the years before it evolved into a unit of the National Park Service. Therefore, you can view still standing ranch buildings and the impressive historic ranch house built in 1881, and even buffalo herds! It's one of those places where words can't do it justice. But if you are traveling in or through central Kansas, be sure to make this a stop; it's well worth it to see this unique place. I know I'll never forget it.