June 11, 1940 - Cumberland Gap National Historic Park established


Joseph Caylor… At the place where Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia meet is Cumberland Gap. Its role in American history cannot be understated. The first wave of western migration from east of the Appalachian Mountains started here. One of our country's most famous explorers, Daniel Boone, passed through here, and now you can too! The trails in the park seem infinite, and other than the trail that leads to the actual Gap, my favorite is the Tri-State Peak trail. From the summit you can stand on three states at a time, and enjoy nice scenery at that. As America's first wilderness road towards the west, the park has many features that echo that past in the form of the Hensley Settlement and furnace ruins. I like to go caving, hiking, and experience history where it happened first-hand, and Cumberland Gap definitely fed my appetite for these things.