James James Romeo… These earthen mounds are the remnants of Fort Fisher, 150 years after The Civil War. The story of Fort Fisher is a major part to understanding the Wilmington Campaign and the fall of the confederacy. For me, the most impressive part was to learn how the US Navy and Army worked together to attack such a heavily defended fort. The visitor's center includes a large battle map which does a great job showing the way in which the battle unfolded.
Joseph Joseph Caylor… I have to say that this is definitely one of my all-time favorite historic sites. Even if you aren't into history but are in the Wilmington/Kure Beach, North Carolina area, I definitely recommend this place as somewhere for a nice day of leisure. Its location on the Cape Fear peninsula makes it a great place for a picnic, but in 1865 it was a not so great place to be if you were a soldier. Fort Fisher was at the time the world's largest earthen fortification held by the Confederacy and it was the site of the largest amphibious assault by U.S. forces until WW2. Its capture and the subsequent offensive of Wilmington effectively closed the last open port of the Confederacy, directly leading to its collapse less than 3 months later. For any history buff, outdoor enthusiast, or ocean-goer, I would definitely recommend Fort Fisher State Historic Site.