James James Romeo… The Battleship North Carolina is a beautiful ship. She served her crew and her country well in World War 2, and continues to serve today, educating visitors about the war and the life of a sailor. Visiting the Battleship North Carolina allowed me to see the places where the men lived and worked below deck. I really appreciated the historical displays that depicted many of the everyday things that we often take for granted. I was also impressed by the amazing size and complexity of the gun turret systems and learning about the impressive capabilities of the computer systems the ship used. It was a great site to visit, I will definitely go there again. The night before visiting the battleship, we went to a great little oyster bar in Wilmington. The oysters were very fresh, as if they were caught that morning.
Joseph Joseph Caylor… While this battleship has been a floating museum ship longer than it was in actual service, don't let that fact fool you. The USS North Carolina is one of the most decorated battleships from World War 2. It's amazing story is best experienced by going there yourself, located in Wilmington North Carolina. I enjoyed it immensely by touring all areas of the ship, inside and out. It's more than just big guns and anchors; this great ship tells the story of thousands of men doing work for a common goal of defending our country.