November 30, 1864 - Second Battle of Franklin


Photo of Battle of Franklin Historic Site, Franklin, Tennessee
Photo of Battle of Franklin Historic Site, Franklin, Tennessee


Joseph Caylor… Anyone interested in visiting American Civil War sites should definitely include the Battle of Franklin on their itinerary. This battle was very tragic and large in scope, and is unfortunately not well-remembered today. The only sizable Confederate army that wasn't entrenched (as was Lee's Army) at the time in November 1864 suffered appalling losses due to the commanding General John Bell Hood's disastrous choices made at Franklin Tennessee. Visiting all the sites associated with the Battle of Franklin will remind you and anyone who visits here that the sacrifices made that November 30th, 1864 will not be forgotten.
James Romeo… There is a lot to see regarding the Battle of Franklin. Much of it has been preserved and each site tells a unique story; the battle itself, what led up to it, and the aftermath. When these stories are combined, and seeing it with your own eyes, it paints a more complete picture of the battle that brings a greater understanding of this moment in history. Standing on Winstead Hill, it is immediately clear that Hood had a great vantage point from which to plan his attack. The downward sloping terrain behind the Carter House also gave an impression to me of why the Union forces set their lines as they did. There are a lot of sites regarding the battle in and around the city of Franklin that have been well preserved. Many can be visited in one day but I recommend taking two days and seeing as many of the sites as you can.