James James Romeo… The geology of Devils Tower National Monument is impressive. The tower was formed millions of years ago when magma pushed its way up into the sedimentary rock layers. These layers were washed away over time, revealing the shape of the volcano within. This igneous rock did not erode as quickly as the sedimentary rock surrounding it because it is much harder. As many before me and many to follow, I was struck by awe as I stood at the base of the tower and looked up; an experience I will never forget. It is well deserving of having been named the first National Monument of the United States.
Joseph Joseph Caylor… This place has been revered by local native americans long before it became famous in Close Encounters of The Third Kind. In fact, it holds a special designation for being America's very first National Monument (1906), being older than the National Park System by 10 years. But those facts aren't the reason why I went to see it in northeast Wyoming. I came to see the unique formation of Devils Tower's geologic structure and gorgeous countryside around it. That attracted me before anything else. The tower itself can be climbed if you have the equipment, but being crunched for time, I hiked around it, which was still awe-inspiring. As an added bonus, the main road leading to the Tower can offer you a glimpse of a true local ecosystem, a large prairie dog town! While these critters were abundant and wild, you can get some very good photos of them, and it just added to the unforgettable memory of this great place.